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Idiots Got Busted Because Of Their Silly Facebook Posts


Sometimes in excitement we post something that we should not on social media sites. And being friends with your boss on Facebook can directly put your job into the danger. These people didn’t understand that their bosses also use Facebook and posted things that ended up ending them.

Be careful if you are about to post stuff like this. It’s truly a bad idea.

1. A drunk 18-year-old cheerleader!

2. These look like pirates, don’t act like them.

3. When the boss said, “We need to talk.”
boss said

4. Bad timing!
Bad timing

5. And your personal illegal activity is also a good reason to fire you!
illegal activity

6. She is double-busted!

7. Eww! Fired!

8. Just look at him!
Just look

9. Pinching nipples with tongs is cooking?
Pinching nipples

10. Leaving your work-computer logged in to Facebook: Priceless.
logged in to Facebook

11. When Boss and Employee meet on Facebook!
meet on Facebook

12. No comments!
No comments

13. He turned himself a joke!
turned himself