Husbands can lightly ‘beat’ their wives – says Islamic Council in Pakistan

A law which “allows women to refuse the relationship if their husbands are ‘abusive'”, is about to pass in Pakistan.

But the Country’s Council of Islamic Ideology has started protesting against it by saying that a man should be allowed to beat his wife ‘lightly’ if she refuses to follow his command.

The Islamic Council also has added that a man should also be allowed to beat her wife when she refuses to dress up as her his desire; refuses to have intercourse without any religious excuse; refuses to take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.

The Council also asks to legalize the domestic violence if the woman refuses to cover her face/head in public.

Not only this, council also wishes to ban women appearing on television or any type of advertisement.

A human rights activist, Farzana Bari, said over these ‘wishes’, “It shows the decadent mindset of some elements who are part of the council”.


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