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How To Get Famous On YouTube


Fame is now in trend. Nowadays it is very popular among people to use different social networks and channels to become a superstar. But it takes much effort to become famous . Making up exciting videos and showing them to a great audience is not enough to become a star. Tensed and persistent work is needed to achieve the goal, so these tips will of great value for users.

Step 1: Quality Videos

Money, time and effort spent on making videos on YouTube are directly-proportional to the level of success that you can achieve. No more, no less. Only well-prepared video can hit the jackpot. Videos of bad quality will not attract people no matter how interesting the plot is.The variety of choices makes us choose the best ones for them, thus no need to spend time on video of bad quality when there are plenty of others well-qualified.

Step 2: What Kind of Videos are You Going To Make?

Are you going to be the next Gianluca Vacchi , or present the popular PUKE Fruit Challenge! You do not really differ from them, do you? No matter how talented you are, still there is at least one sphere in the whole world for you to achieve success. To gain popularity you should find this very field of activity and make videos based on it. Firstly it is not so easy, but then you will how to do it and enjoy the results. As in every business, the beginning is the hardest part of making career on YouTube.

Step 3: Programs Do You Prefer for Video Editing?

Many interesting programs for cutting and editing videos can be used, and here everything depends upon the user and the purpose. For, example Sony Vegas Pro is the best Video editor for an advanced user. However, having Windows Movie Maker at his disposal a usual user could easily do the same. Before posting you should make sure that it’s interesting for you personally. If no, there is no sense to wait it from others. If you have some doubts, ask a friend how your editing video looks. Sometimes even a random stranger is the best for giving the advice. Don’t be afraid of critics. In this case it is especially useful and you can’t do without it.

Step 4: How Will You Make it Popular?

Do you use social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, or Tumblr? That is one of the ways to become popular among wide audience. As almost everyone has his personal account on any social network, it gives us a perfect opportunity to spread information quickly and successfully. You can easily display yourself out there to be seeing to your friends and even for total strangers on social media networks. And remember one warning: NEVER PUT YOUR ADVERTISING IN YOUTUBE COMMENT SECTIONS.

Step 5: Make Progress!

The supplies, which you are sure to have, can be very useful to get more views on YouTube. One thing should be taken into consideration. It is the frequency of posting. People who have a great audience of viewers should give something very often, no matter where they are and how busy they are. If you consider this instruction to be simple, clear and helpful, check out my channel, YouTube.com/user/NioDuck and afterwards leave your own channel name in the comments, or send me it in a message 🙂