Holly Hagan Reveals Newly-Svelte Physique In Low-Cut, Skintight

Holly Hagan recently said she is much confident in a bikini and she continues to showcase.

On Thursday she was spotted enjoying a night out ‘on the Toon’ in Newcastle revealing her newly-svelte physique. She displayed toned curves in a skintight, low-cut, white spaghetti-strap top which was paired with a high-waisted, spray-on indigo jeans.

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Holly Hagan Reveals Newly-Svelte Physique In Low-Cut, Skintight

The 22-year-old added some more height wearing a pair of towering black strappy sandals. In simple accessories she had a black clutch-bag and a chunky gold chain necklace.

Her hair was chocolate brown, which was dyed very recently. It had extensions hanging in loosely-tousled waves. She wore dramatic make-up with fluttering false lashes.

Recently she revealed a cycle of one-night stands first time in her life when she was just 14, and early morning she regret.

Hagan wrote, “After [my first] date, he took me for a stroll round the back of the cinema. I kind of knew what was coming, because who the f**k takes a stroll round the back of a cinema? It was like a big dirty industrial estate. Hardly a local beauty spot.”

She added further that both started kissing and she was then prepared to get rid of virginity. Both did the deed and losing the virgin label was not enjoying. Those women who says so are lying. It is not enjoyable even in the slightest.

She also said that hers was cold, wet and painful. It was on a disused car park behind a cinema and not one of the romantic ones with flowers, candles and silk sheets that most women hope for.


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