Hillary Clinton Discusses Less About Lewinsky Scandal In People

It is obvious former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won’t believe in discussing the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the same happened in a wide-ranging interview with People magazine.

She said to be looking beyond it.

Hillary Clinton Discusses Less About Lewinsky Scandal In People

In the June 16 2014 issue of the mag she said people should look to the future. This is the first time she has spoken openly about the affair.

People magazine is covering Clinton in the cover page. She avoided the questions related to Lewinsky and said there are more important matters to focus such as the 2016 presidential run.

She said would like to see a woman president and would like to make her own decision. It is believed she will be the frontrunner for Democratic nomination.

About the due birth of a baby to her daughter Chelsea Clinton this fall Hillary said it is an extra joy to become a grandmother. The former Secretary of State further added she lives in moment but also is concerned about that happenings in the country as well as in the world. Also, through July she will be thinking over what role she can play or have in mind.

When asked about the election strategy for 2016 Hillary said she is at such an age in which she can decide what to do.

She also commented on her hair and said whether people like it or not.

Hillary took her first step on the national scene in early 90s.


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