Heroin addict: Video of Angelina Jolie recorded by a drug dealer

Hollow and bloodshot eyes with scratched and emaciated arms moving in her living room, a haunting video of Angelina Jolie is released online.

In the footage the actress is seen picking up her left arm revealing her gruesome fingernails and is having a phone conversation. The video was filmed by a drug dealer.

Heroin addict - Video of Angelina Jolie recorded by a drug dealer

The accused drug dealer, Franklin Meyer says ‘I shot this 16-minute long footage with Jolie’s permission back in 1999 after she asked me for a re-supply of heroin and cocaine.’

Jolie called it a ‘dark and a very dangerous’ phase in her life which she had luckily survived. In the video released she is seen pacing back and forth again and again with her frantic talks on the phone. Background features an on television and a stressful Jolie with trash bags and cans littering on the table and all over the floor.

Meyer reveals that Angie had been his client for many years and he continuously sold heroin and cocaine packets to her. She used to call him up and asked him to come and see her. This was how she told him that she needed more drugs.

Jolie is heard saying ‘It’s not at all necessary’ in the video. Although it is hard to make out the conversation as her voice is inaudible. ‘I never want this petty issue to devastate our relationship,’ she can be heard saying. The star also makes a reference of her brother James as ‘Jamie’ and looks thin in the footage released.

According to Meyer, Jolie confessed her lesbian affair with Jenny Shimizu after their 1996 film ‘Foxfire’. Jolie revealed that she fell for Shimizu ‘the moment I saw her’.


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