Home Interested Things Here are the top five epic places, where you can’t visit

Here are the top five epic places, where you can’t visit


I personally used to think before writing this article that there wouldn’t be any place in the world, where we can’t visit. But wait, the truth is something else.

There are lots of places where you can’t visit or if you try to go, you may get killed.

#1 North Sentinel Island – This island is located in Andaman, India. Here the tribes are so ‘protective’ towards themselves that they kill every outer human who try to enter into their ‘kingdom’.

#2 Snake Island – This island is so dangerous that even if you are given chance, you would not visit. It has been said that it is the home of world’s most deadliest snakes and hence no one returns back.

#3 Area 51 – You may be familiar with this name, but in reality nobody is allowed to enter this facility in Southern Nevada where the US claims to be experimenting with new aircraft and weaponry.

#4 Mezhgorye – A place in Russia. People say that this whole town in involved in some secret work and hence no external body is allowed there.

#5 Lascaux Caves – The caves are fully covered in Paleolithic paintings but in 2008, entry of visitors got banned. This is the only UNESCO world heritage sites which is banned from people.