Here are the tips to survive from sinking car

Have you ever thought what you would do if you are inside a locked car and your car is sinking.

Well, if you think that you would open its door and swim out, then my friend it’s completely wrong idea.

Let me explain:

#1 It’s very tough to open door of cars inside water because of the huge water force from the outside.

#2 If you continued trying to open the door, you may end up with ‘nothing’.

#3 So, as a better option, you should try to break the windows glasses.

#4 But remember, breaking glasses is also not so easy. You need to apply your full force.

#5 And never try to break the windshields as those are much more resistant than side windows.

#6 Once you broke the side window, just carefully make enough space and get yourself free from the car.


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