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Here are some tips if you are planning to experience the nightlife of Kiev


The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is famous for a variety of stuff and predominantly, the nightlife! With a variety of luxury nightclubs, bars and awesome ladies to cheer you up, the nightlife of Kiev is something you can never give a miss! If you are a foreigner visiting Kiev and experiencing the nightlife, here are a few tips that might come handy to make sure that you have a memorable time! Also, it is recommended that you enjoy the nightlife of Kiev in the company of a local guide or friends from the same place, so that you are aware of the behavior of people there.

  • Carry only enough money

It is highly recommended that you limit the cash and credit cards that you carry when you go to explore the nightlife. You should carry only little over what you might need for a night, as you might not want to lose it.

  • Book a cab

You can book a cab to the club you wish to go to by making use of any mobile app such as UKLON. This way, you will not have to deal with the language barriers and face any difficulty in reaching your intended destination.

  • Carry your ID

Although it might not seem to be a problem, make sure that you have your ID with you at all times. Previously, English was not a widely spoken language in Kiev. However, things have now changed and you can talk to any police officer in English in case you need any assistance.

  • Avoid gambling

Generally, drunken men can be aggressive and speaking about politics might only add fuel to the fire. Avoid getting into gambling and card games as they are illegal and you might end up facing trouble.

  • Careful with the conversations

If you are planning to meet a lady in Kiev, you will have to make sure that she is not looking for a sponsor, has a boyfriend or is a hooker. You might invite unwanted trouble by dealing with such women.

  • No Card Payments

It is highly recommended that you not use your card to make any payments. Even if you have to, ensure that you have your card in your line of sight at all times and ask for the POS machine rather than having someone take your card to complete the payment. There is a high chance that it might result in a fraud.

  • Beware of the drinks

Never accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink without having it in your sight. There have been multiple occasions where drinks have been spiked and have led to untoward consequences. At all times, all your belongings should be in your sight to avoid any problem later.

You will definitely have a great time experiencing the nightlife of Kiev if you take care of the above mentioned tips! Go explore Kiev and have fun!