Her brother died in a accident, 10 years later parents told her a secret

Meet 15 year old Monique Salinas, she lost her brother when she was just 5, in an car accident.

But on her 15th birthday, her mom and dad told her a secret which made her “emotional”.

Read the full story below:

#1 Monique Salinas, was just 5 when her brother Mikey died because of car accident.


#2 Parents, decided to donate his organs, so that some other kid would get a life.

#3 The heart and kidney of Mikey, was given to the Aubrey Reeves, who was suffering from a heart disease and needed a transplant.

#4 10 years later, the personal details of the Aubrey Reeves was sent to the Mikey’s parents, so that they could know that their kid was “still alive inside her”.


#5 Aubrey and her mom travelled to Mikey’s home, to surprise Monique.

#6 Monique broke into tears when her mother told everything.


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