Her Addiction towards ‘Violent P0rn’ takes her to Psychologist

She was just 8 when she first saw p0rn, and since then it had become a part of life. Meet Rebecca, who only wants to disclose her first name, now 19.

#1 She turned towards watching p0rn, after seeing a movie in which a young girl was kidnapped and sexually abused.

Her Addiction towards 'Violent P0rn' takes her to Psychologist1

#2 Initially she used to watch only ‘normal’ p0rns, but soon she realized her increasing interest towards ‘violent p0rn’.

#3 She threw herself in ‘violent p0rn acts’ with her partners, at the age of 16. She used to think that it was ‘normal’.

#4 She was, meanwhile, sexually assaulted several times by her partners.

Her Addiction towards 'Violent P0rn' takes her to Psychologist2

#5 She is still battling with her addiction and to get rid of it, she regularly visits psychologist.

#6 She hopes that one day, she would enjoy ‘normal’ & healthy $ex.


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