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Heidi Klum Will Be For Halloween This Year


When it comes to Halloween, it’s hard to get into the spirit harder than Heidi Klum does.

In addition to hosting her famous annual Halloween party, Heidi can reliably top everyone there in the costume department.

Whether it involves growing several arms or making herself look decades older, there’s no costume too complex for her.

So, how is Heidi celebrating her favorite holiday this year? We don’t know for sure, but she’s left us a couple of clues.

In the past, Heidi hasn’t shied away from looking creepy,but she says that this year’s costume will be “a male’s fantasy.”
male's fantasy

That was Heidi’s only verbal hint, but she also released some photos from the fitting session.

Based on these prosthetics, it doesn’t seem like she was lying about dressing as a male fantasy.