Heidi Klum Shares With Fans Her Teenage Pic

Heidi Klum liked dressing up in bright clothes and make-up even as a teenager. The supermodel has recently posted a sweet photo herself from her younger days approximately 27 years ago, when she was neither blonde nor slender.

The picture was posted this Monday on Instagram, and shows a younger Heidi with a wide pink ribbon and her brwon curly hair, and a fuller face that was lightened by pink lip-stick. With big flowery earrings and a pink beaded necklace, she looks quite cute in her teenage photo.

Heidi Klum Shares With Fans Her Teenage Pic

This photo was followed another one, taken roughly 20 years ago. The 40-year old mother of two shared the flashback snap taken early on in her career, which she captioned, ‘Photo blast from the past: One of my first test shoots 20 years ago.’

The supermodel was almost unrecognizable in the photo from her old days. It would have been hard for anyone to compare that photo to the Instyle cover girl we know today.

As seen in the photo, her hair was much darker and the beauty had fuller lips back then, while Heidi today is seen mostly with her thinner pout. The eyebrows are another telling point of difference. The old photo shows Heidi with dark and thick eyebrows like the Hollywood icon Ava Gardener, while the Heidi of today is seen with her thinner and much lighter eyebrows.

The nose of the supermodel also seems drastically different from what she has now, back in the nineties she had a wider snout, which is a lot more defined today.


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