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Harry Potter To Direct Movie?


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is learned to be switching to behind the camera roles. Soon he will be seen directing movies.

Potter said he would love to direct films and have been thinking over it while watching other directors directing.

Harry Potter To Direct Movie

The 25-year-old actor told to Variety, “I think I’m quite good with people. Part of being a director is knowing how different actors work in different ways. I’d enjoy it.”

The popular star added further that he has picked up tricks about how to become a director as he has worked with talented movie makers like David Yates, Mike Newell and Alfonso Cuaron.

He said the only mistake good directors make is to think they are the only creative one on the present set on which they are directing the movie. Costume guys are not only common folks to be there to stitch up accidents and make-up artists are not just common girls having brushes in hand to put foundation on. Everyone on the set is creative guys.

Potter also insisted that his directorial debut may not happen very soon, but it would be an indie movie.

He talked about the film by Charlie McDowell. He said The One I Love is exactly the type of movie that he want to make in future.

He added further that he is a creepy and funny type person.