Hannah, Kara Tointon Filming Scene One Of Mr Selfridge At Mother’s Funeral

The producers had promised that the third season of Mr. Selfridge would show the point where the protagonist’s life would take a complete turn-around.

The filming of a funeral scene this Monday certainly proved their point. And it appears that there are more shocks that are yet to come.

Hannah, Kara Tointon Filming Scene One Of Mr Selfridge At Mother's Funeral

Mr. Selfridge is due to air again in the spring of 2015. The drama series picks up the story of Mr. Selfridge in 1919, just after the end of the First World War, just as his wife passed away from illness. The third season of the show will be shown in ten parts, and is the first season of the show which introduces tragedy to the period drama. The new cast members in the third season include sisters Hannah Tointon and Kara Tointon. Their first scenes were filmed at the funeral of their on-screen mother Rose Selfridge’s funeral.

The pair was spotted in a cemetery in London with their co-star Jeremy Piven, who plays the role of their father Harry Selfridge, an American department store owner. The Tointon sisters were joined by actress Alana Boden who plays the role of their third sister in the show, Beatrice since the second season, and Greg Austin who plays the role of their brother Gordon Selfridge.

Frances O’Connor, who played the part of Rose Selfridge, has now landed the female lead role in the BBC One drama series The Missing with James Nebitt in the lead male role, and although the actress has stated that she had really enjoyed her time in the series, Rose Selfridge would never have made it to the third season, because in terms of the theme of the show, her death kick starts the third season, adding that it was time for her to move on as playing two back-to-back seasons as Rose Selfridge was probably enough for her.


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