Half-Alligator & Half-Human Found In Florida Swamp

Thanks to the internet and media, who has shown us the most bizarre things that are believed to exist in our planet.
Down here is one of them, yes, I’m talking about “Jake The Aligator Man”, who was half alligator and half human.
This creepy creature was last seen in the swamp of Florida.

The 5-foot, 8-inch monster!
According to weekly world news, this terrible creature is remaining concealed in the dark swamps of South America

This creepy creature went viral after the news got published.

The hybrid beast
hybrid beast
Later people used to called it a’ gator man’. This gator man is a kind of a hybrid beast.

This creature was seen almost all the large swamp of the Southeast.
large swamp

The eyewitnesses said that the gator man had the greenish scale and was very fast in speed
Now, you can see this alligator at the Marsh’s Free Museum in Washington.


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