Guy got a tattoo when he was teen, now he regrets

Getting a tattoo of loved one’s name, pictures or something else has become fashion now days. People think that it’s cool. Well it is, but not always.

#1 Meet 21-year-old, Lewis Flint, from Grimsby.

#2 He got a tattoo when he was 16.

#3 After getting the tattoo, he received loads of attention, he eventually became the local hero.

#4 But now he regrets, why he had that tattoo and that too just around his private part.

Guy got a tattoo when he was teen, now he regrets1

#5 He said on Channel 4’s Bodyshockers that his girlfriend when saw the tattoo first time, she was just shocked. Obviously she didn’t like.

#6 He added that he tried to laser removal surgery but the pain was unbearable, so he couldn’t.

#7 He nothing can do. He has to live his whole life with a tattoo of Henry the Hoover around his genitals.


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