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Guy Called Emergency Services to Propose His Girlfriend


Everyone in the world, wants to make an awesome first impression and for that they end up doing something very weird.

And when it comes to proposing your love of life, you obviously want something which could be remembered for long.

Well, a guy in Birmingham called emergency service in order to get help in proposing his girlfriend.

#1 Meet, 33-year-old, Mark Edwards, whose girlfriend, Jodi Vincent, 35, was working as a firefighter.

#2 He planned to propose her and in this plan, he included her bosses who agreed as per his plan.

#3 Now, his plan was to call the emergency services and ask for help in getting rid of the engagement ring stuck in his finger.

#4 As per as plan, her bosses sent her on the spot to the rescue. Mark was waiting there with ring, and he proposed her getting on the knee.


#5 Everyone was happy there, but this incident wasn’t liked by the people over social media, as they slammed both for misusing the ‘emergency services’.