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GTA’s huge success is based on a glitch


Let’s face it, even if you’re not a fierce gamer, you’ve experienced bugs in video or computer games. Unfortunately, there are many bugs and glitches the development teams don’t see before the company releases the game on the market. Fortunately, they still manage to spot most of them.

Not so long ago the guys at DMA Design were developing a game they called Race ’n’ Chase. It was an open-world top-down game in which a police officer or a criminal could go on a variety of missions on foot or by using a vehicle. Sounds a little bit familiar, doesn’t it? As it turned out, there was some problem with the coding, because the game started showing glitches. One of the bugs made the police cars chase fiercely and recklessly the player until they crashed their cars with his, which basically made the game N times more exciting than the original idea.

The team of developers built the new version of the game around this bug and eventually renamed Race ‘n’ Chase to Grand Theft Auto.