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Groom Kanye Says Bride Kim’s Family Most Remarkable In His Speech


We all know the feeling when we go to attend a wedding, and the speeches just seem to go on forever and ever. In that respect it seems that celebrities are no more different from us than we are from them.

Kanye West reportedly gave a 20 minute long speech after marrying Kim Kardashian on Saturday, May 24. According to people present in the wedding, the speech was as sweet as it was difficult to understand – in short very Kanye-esque. He even called the entire Kardashian family, an ‘industry’ at one point of his speech and also that they were the most remarkable people of our times (???) making the world a better place (huh!? been drinking have we?!?).

Groom Kanye Says Bride Kim's Family Most Remarkable In His Speech

The rapper also went a big rant like Harrison Ford in Air Force One about the culture of being in limelight, and that all the covers and spoofing won’t get him or the Kardashian family down. He said, “I am defined by being a celebrity…the world is our altar,” also adding that they were not stupid.

According to reports, Kim’s new husband got very heated up during certain parts of his speech but he had also ver sweet things to say about his new wife, calling her the ‘ideal celebrity’, and the ‘ideal art’. He was also reportedly gushing about spending his entire life with Kim.

Kris and her husband Bruce Jenner also gave speeches at the wedding of their daughter, but it was probably shorter than there son-in-law’s speech. Bruce reportedly became very emotional during the speech and also shed some tears.