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Google’s Upcoming YouTube Paid Service Criticized By Labels


Google is making part of its YouTube paid. It is soon to launch a paid streaming music service on it, even though there are much of criticisms.

It is reported the search engine giant may be blocking music videos of those labels that does not agree to its terms.

Google’s Upcoming YouTube Paid Service Criticized By Labels

For long it had been rumored YouTube may offer a paid music service, and lately Google has confirmed it by issuing a statement. The free video website has partnered with several major and independent music labels to offer the new service.

Several music trade groups have criticized the new upcoming service of YouTube and also the plan of potentially blocking the content.

According to reports, the deals to be made with labels and YouTube are highly unfavorable and also non-negotiable. Google on the other hand argues the new service of YouTube will be providing new revenue to the music industry.

In a statement YouTube said they are adding subscription-based features for music on the platform with plans to bring revenue streams to the music partners.

It is expected the new YouTube service may be launched by the end of this summer to allow music lovers listen to their favorite track without any ads on it.

Few new features are also expected to be rolled out with the new service. Users can listen the music even in offline and also can listen to the entire album of artists instead of just individual songs.