Goldie Hawn Still Very Fit At 68

Goldie Hawn is 68 and yet very fit. She was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles recently with a friend on walk.

The mother of three and grandmother of four was in tight, spandex workout gear and looked stunning. Her long blonde hair blew beautifully in the breeze.

Goldie Hawn Still Very Fit At 68

She is still very beautiful, defied her age of course. In a memoir A Lotus Grows in the Mud she wrote one need to focus on how to stay youthful and should enjoy life. Her memoir was released in 2005.

The First Wives Club star also said in January 2012 that the body reacts when one is in a healthier state of mind and when one is feeling joyful.

She added further that one need to cut off the negativity in life and always focus on the positive aspects. One needs to also habituate the positive thinking.

Earlier this year, Hawn kicked off her yoga pants and instead got stunning gold Versace gown at the Osars. Her 35-year-old daughter Kate Hudson was also presented at the event.

Hudson staged with Jason Sudeikis on the night. She announced one of the winners and also caught Hawn’s eye. She said “Hi Mom.”


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