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Godzilla Grabs Second Largest Opening Weekend Of The Year


Godzilla has made the second largest debut of this year, raking in a massive $93.2 million in the opening weekend, just behind the Captain America: Winter Soldier which had earned $95 million in its opening week in April.

The best performing movie of the last week Neighbors, has been pushed off to a distant second place. Godzilla is already ahead of The Amazing Spider-man 2, which earned $91.6 million and just behind the Winter Soldier. If we are to use those films as a benchmark to measure the success of the Godzilla, we can expect it to earn anywhere between $200 million and $250 million throughout its cinematic run.

Godzilla Grabs Second Largest Opening Weekend Of The Year 2

Godzilla is slated to earn an additional $103 million from the foreign markets. The latest reboot of the legendary Japanese Kaiju by the Warner Bros., and the Legendary Pictures starring Bryan Cranston and others has already earned back the $160 million that went into the production of the movie. The film is expected to earn even more from the box office in the coming weeks. The best foreign market runs of the Godzilla were in United Kingdom with $10.4 million and Russia with $9.1 million. Australia also saw the biggest box office opening with the Godzilla raking in $6.1 million. The film is yet to open in the Chinese and Japanese box offices, and those markets are also expected to make huge earning for the Godzilla. Godzilla is slated to open in China in June and in Japan in July.

The huge opening weekend earnings of Godzilla have come mostly from the premium screenings of the movie, with more than 51 per cent of the earnings being attributed to 3D screenings. The IMAX 3D specifically earned $14.1 million for the Godzilla, making it the highest IMAX 3D revenue earner of the year. Of the total foreign grosses, just over half has also been attributed to the 3D and IMAX 3D screenings.