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Gloria Jean Watkins Brands Beyonce As Terrorist


During a panel discussion at New School in NYC earlier this week about the liberation of the ‘black female body’ noted feminist and scholar bell hooks, Gloria Jean Watkins, branded Beyonce an ‘anti-feminist’ and ‘terrorist’.

Beyonce became the topic of the conversation when her fellow panelist Janet Mock, a transgender activist and celebrated author said that Beyonce had been an inspiration for her when she was writing her book, and although Mock regretted certain things of her image, for example the lyrics of the pop star’s song ‘Drunk in Love’, but she praised the singer for ‘owning her body and claiming that space’.

Gloria Jean Watkins Brands Beyonce As Terrorist

hooks had a different opinion regarding the singer. According to her, she saw a part of Beyonce was actually anti-feminist, terrorist more appropriately according to her, in the impact that she has had on young girls. She said that she feels the major part of the assault on feminism in the society has actually come from the visual media, from television and videos.

Here it might be worth noting that the popular singer had actually called herself a modern-day feminist once, even writing a essay on The Shriver Report about striving for the equality of gender.

One of the points of contention for the panel was the recent Times Magazine cover photo which depicted Beyonce wearing a white bikini under a sheer top. hooks was of the opinion that Beyonce had very little control over that image. Others however disagreed.

Lets just hope Queen Bey does not hear of all this.