Girls share the most embarrassing ‘bl0wj0b’ experience ever

Going down while love making is very normal these days. People want to have ‘pleasure’ in every possible way.

Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t end up smoothly.

Well, here we have today brought the most embarrassing ‘bl0wj0b’ experiences:

#1 22-Year-old Emily was giving BJob to her boyfriend, when he asked to ‘bite’ it hard. When she did so, blood started flushing out.

#2 Grace was prepared to give her boyfriend a BJob but when she saw him down there, she ended up vomiting everywhere.

#3 Savannah, 22, was giving BJob and her boyfriend remained saying that ‘he is about to cum’. However, when after three hours he didn’t cum, she left.

#4 Jess, 26, while giving BJob to her boyfriend choked her throat cavity so badly that she couldn’t speak for next three days.

#5 Annie was giving BJob to her boyfriend, when his mother suddenly entered into the room, leaving everybody in ‘awkward situation’.


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