Girlfriend Stacy Shocked At George Clooney’s Engagement To Amal Alamuddin

When George and Stacy had started dating, he had reportedly told her that she would be his wife and they would have kids.

Well now the story is different and Stacy Keibler is shocked. She was played by Hollywood’s most infamous playboy. When George Clooney had proposed to British human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin on April 22. The former girlfriend had once thought of being the one in Clooney’s life.

Girlfriend Stacy Shocked At George Clooney's Engagement To Amal Alamuddin

But that dream came true for her. After two years of dating, the couple had split in July 2013.

Keibler settled down businessman husband Jared Pobre and now she is reportedly expecting her first child, a girl.

However, one of her friends has insisted that there is no bad blood between the two. According to an insider Stacy is reportedly happy for George that he has found true love.

And she is not the only happy person at the new of her former boyfriend’s engagement.

George’s dad Nick Clooney has said in a statement that he and his wife Nina, are very happy for George and they are thrilled to welcome Alamuddin into the family. He further added that the family had opportunity to interact with the wonderful young woman, and the family is thrilled at George’s decision.


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