Girl was raped for years and then she decided to do…

It’s a horrifying story of a girl, now above 20, which began at the minor age of nine when her one uncle started raping her.

Girl was raped for years and then she decided to do…2

According to the report, the girl, known only as Karen, was just of six when her one uncle, Iain Langdale, started abusing her. At such minor age, she wasn’t actually knowing what was happening with her, but it was very discomforting.

However, the story turned into another phase, when lain started raping her when she was just nine.

Her Uncle

Her Uncle

He raped her for several years until she met with a boy, Charlie, and fell in love with him.

Charlie was very supportive and advised her to face the problem.

Then Karen told everything about her uncle to her mother, who soon called police.

The couple, Karen and Charlie

The couple, Karen and Charlie

Lian was sent jail for 18 years in 2011 for his crime.

Karen and Charlie now a days working to raise awareness among the people against the domestic violence.


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