Home Lifestyle Girl spends around $190,00 to look like a DRAWING

Girl spends around $190,00 to look like a DRAWING


There is not a big deal in going for cosmetic surgery in order to increase external beauty but let us not forget that these things are not a healthy practice.

Meet Krystina Butel. She when was 14, saw a drawing and since then she dreamed of looking like that drawing.

#1 She was 14, when an artist drew a painting for her.

#2 She liked the painting so much that since then she started dreaming of becoming like that only.

#3 She had her first breast augmentation when she was 17. She went from 36D to a 34F.

#4 After around 2 years, she again had breast augmentation and this time she went from 34F to a 36G.

#5 Meanwhile, she also had several small surgeries, for her eyebrows or teeth etc.

#6 This is what she looks like now.