Girl quits her job, after the manager says this

An American girl, named Savannah, left her subway job, few months ago and the reason was her manager’s behavior.

Actually, one day she was on duty when she saw a homeless man asking for sandwich. “He looked very hungry in one sight”, she said.

The man asked if there were any sandwich which was less than $10. The staff replied on this “no”.

He then ‘with a sad face’ started to go out.

But then the girl, Savannah, called him and said “she would pay for his meal, he can eat” and paid using her credit card.

The homeless man thanked her over and over before leaving. Everybody there praised her for her kind behavior towards homeless man.

But her manager didn’t like this and called her in cabin. He yelled at her saying they were doing business, not some charity work.

Girl then without saying anything left the job.


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