Girl demands lifetime supply of KitKat from nestle

Chocolates are loved by almost all girls but this girl did something out of the box with nestle.

Well, this is 20 year old Saima Ahmad, a law student from Enfield, North London.

She recently had bought the chocolate Kit Kat from a store. But when she opened it to have. She left disappointed as the chocolate was not having any wafer in it i.e. it was a wafer less chocolate.

Girl demands lifetime supply of KitKat from nestle1

She after this thought to write the officials of the nestle but before that she went and did little investigation, which revealed eventually that she was not the only person who gone through the situation.

So she finally wrote a letter asking the nestle bosses to supply KitKat for her whole life.

Hmm, quite clever.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any knowledge if she got any reply.


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