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Clooney spending 2 million $ on his wedding


Hollywood Actor, George Clooney has planned his wedding with a British Lawyer Amal Alamuddin. He is reportedly going to spare about $2 million his grand wedding. Leading news channels stated that he is sparing King’s ransom on her upcoming wife and the wedding event to show his love and care for her.

George Clooney wedding

George Clooney wedding

Their wedding venue is stated to be Clooney’s Vila Oleandra estate in Italy. The wedding event will last for three days; representing an extravagenza with the world’s best wines and Italian delicacies, boat riding on the lake and fire place at night. You will love to know that the wedding venue at Lake Como, Clooney’s villa is nothing lesser than a luxury cottage having 15 luxurious bedroom worth $30 million.

The grand wedding’s budget has been divided in various parts to spare well on various aspects of wedding. The 53 year old actor is going to spare about $ 300,000 on vintage wine and champagne, $ 500,000 for security around the lake Como, $ 100,000 on decoration and flowers and $ 10,000 for his custom Armani tuxedo. Catering is provided with the budget of $ 45,000. Definitely, you might have been now waiting for the grand occasion to check out more spicy news on this wedding.