Garcelle Beauvais’ Kids Don’t Have PS, Wii; Play Football, Baseball

Garcelle Beauvais little ones, Jax and Jaid, do not need batteries for their favorite games. The beautiful mother said that her sons are more into baseball and football.

She says that they do not even posses a PlayStation or a Wii, because she wants them to get outside and play real sports.

Garcelle Beauvais' Kids Don't Have PS, Wii; Play Football, Baseball

Beauvais wants to keep her sons active in this summers and she has already had indoor activities readied away, so that rains cannot play spoilsport for her sons’ summer vacation.

Miss Beauvais does allow her sons to play some educational puzzles and word games her iPad, but she advocates activities for keeping her sons healthy and active in the summer months. The family has been cooking together at home, says Beauvais.

The mother says that her sons are crazy about the shows on Discovery channel, especially those about oceans and planets. She said that they also watch Jamie Oliver’s show, the 15 Minute Meals, and also trying some of the dishes shown on the show.

Beauvais says that if sports do not pan out as a hobby for her sons, she thinks she already a has a second alternative ready – putting a chef’s cap on their heads. She thinks that there is nothing wrong with that, joking her sons could cook for her and she would love it.


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