Gang robbed 950 iPhones and that too using just ‘Red Chillies’

iPhone 7 is launched and I know everyone would want to have one, but choosing such methods to own an iPhone is surely not the correct way.

Well, we are talking about the gang, who stole around 950 iPhones, the whole consignment of iPhones, using just red chili powder.

The weird but true incident happened in Delhi, India, where a truck loaded with iPhones got robbed by the gang of four.

The driver, Kalam Singh, reported to the nearest police station that someone threw red chili to driving cabin from outside and when he pulled the truck aside, two thugs appeared from nowhere holding a huge knife in their hands, who were joined by two more.

They then forcefully, drove the truck to an isolated area where the transferred all the iPhones to a minivan.

On a complaint of the driver, police have launched the investigation.


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