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Games of Thrones Season 4 on HBO


No doubt that the HBO series Game of Thrones is fun and engaging but is it really the greatest show ever? With the increasing hype surrounding the TV show and fans going gaga over it like no one’s business it sure looks like it!

But TV critics differ in their opinion. For many though Thrones is a thoroughly enjoyable show with the right elements of thrill and entertainment to spend an hour of Sunday night on it the high amount of violence and sensual scenes shown on the series doesn’t make it a very high qualitative choice. Add to it the fact the show is on the anvil to take a raunchier turn, by bringing in two porn stars as part of their star cast and you have a heavily sensual drama.

Games of Thrones Season 4

Games of Thrones Season 4

But the point is to enjoy the show without rating it in terms of critical appreciation. TV watchers feel the HBO series is an excellent watch and makes up for shows like Carnivale that are missed. It just makes for a good watch bringing on thrilling situations at that.

In a way Game of Thrones is much like Rome, the previous series run on HBO. The difference is, Rome was set on a real historical backdrop and while the show also overdosed audience on a large portion of bloodshed and nudity it had certain real historical elements like Roman Senate and Julius Caesar and played the story around real events. Game of Thrones however doesn’t have any historical accent to it. There is blood and gore with a sensual hinge to events placed on a fictional backdrop and all you have is pure entertainment without a historical event, personality or location attached to it.

Which doesn’t undermine the fact that it is raking in rave attention from people some of whom even think the show is better than Larry Sanders Show. So as a viewer get ready to get hooked to watching Brienne of Tarth and the hateful Cersei. There is also Tyrion that most people relate to. Throne watchers have been discussing the thrilling episode in which Joffrey dies and hoping that the next few watches will witness Khaleesi succeed or whether Shae would surface again.