French Couple Haven’t Gone Out for 13 Years Because of a Gorilla

Most people choose dogs or cats as their pet, but here we have brought a story of a couple who has a Gorilla as pet and because of her, none of them have gone out for 13 years.

#1 Meet Pierre and Eliane Thivillon, who have been living in their home, without going out, for long 13 years.

#2 Around 18 years ago, they had brought a Gorilla baby, Digit, which weighed around four pounds.

#3 They decided that they would become parent of that little Digit.

#4 In starting years, everything was normal. But after that they started realizing that they couldn’t leave Digit alone at home or with someone else.

#5 So, they came up with a decision of ‘not going out’.

#6 Pierre and Eliane also run a private zoo, so they have experience and hence they know what they are doing with Digit.


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