Four mind blowing tricks using Microwave you should know today

If you use a microwave only for cooking or heating some food, then you are not utilizing the machine completely.

Well, today we have brought few tricks, which will improve your daily kitchen experience:

Let’s get started:

#1 Heat up a lemon for around 20 seconds on full blast and you will able to squeeze extra juice from it.

#2 Cloves of Garlic become easy to peel if blasted on full heat for 10 seconds.

#3 If you forget to soak beans overnight. Put them in a bowl, add little baking soda and add water (till everything submerged) and put it in microwave on full heat for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, leave another 40 minutes, as it is.

#4 Put onions after cutting its ends for 30 seconds before chopping. It won’t make cry.


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