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McCarthy Breaks Her ‘No Marriage’ Vow and Gets Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg


Co-host of ‘The View’ and once a Playboy model Jenny McCarthy has finally got the carpet for her wedding rolling out. Proposed to by Singer-actor Donnie Wahlberg with a huge sapphire ring, Jenny went all tears when making the announcement on ABC news.

“I’ve just got engaged”, announced Jenny unveiling also the yellow rock on her hand. This is the second time for both Wahlberg and Jenny in terms of walking the altar. McCarthy was earlier hitched to the director John Asher but separated in 2005. Wahlberg who’s 44 and was married to Kim Fey divorced in 2008.

Jenny who’s been dating Donnie Wahlberg since last summer talked about the proposal and the impending wedding on ABC’s morning show. The news comes as a total surprise for Jenny fans who once defiantly announced she’ll never get married again. In fact the TV star has repeated her stance not just one but in tons of interviews. Seems the 41 year old mother of one has changed her mind! Wahlberg apparently got Jenny’s son Evan into the picture taking the eleven year old’s help in proposing to his mother. In Evan’s presence Wahlberg got down on his knees and presented Jenny with the ring. Just three days before that Wahlberg came visiting Jenny in her TV studio and kissed her.

McCarthy Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg

McCarthy Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg

The couple shocked everyone when they were first spotted around together. They were speculated a most unlikely match but clearly they found a connection. Jenny talked of how she completely understood and related to Wahlberg’s work ethic and that being single parents they could immediately understand how the other manages work with family.

Already Jenny had been talking of not being so adamantly negative about marriage. In fact the TV celebrity confessed in November she was seriously looking at marriage as a future possibility for her. Opening talking about it with Bethenny Frankel in a talk show Jenny said she though Donnie would make an amazing husband and she wouldn’t think of refusing if he ever proposed.

Both the celebrities who’re neck deep in their work schedules are contemplating to hold the wedding next year in September. Insiders say the couple would have loved to get hooked this year but their work contracts have pushed the marriage to next year. They also have expressed their wish to hold the wedding in Jenny’s apartment. Looks like Jenny and Wahlberg are planning to make it a closed-circle affair!