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For Fitness You Need To Sweat, Says Brooke Burke-Charvet


Brooke Burke-Charvet is a mother of four and yet she has a figure that would drive anybody crazy.

And with the bikini season arriving fast, here is all the advice you would need to keep yourself in shape, from Miss Brooke.

For Fitness You Need To Sweat, Says Brooke Burke-Charvet

The brunette beauty says that getting in to shape has to happen the year round, you cannot do a bikini quick fix. She says that her summer-time exercises are not necessarily different from the exercises she does around the year. She says that one of the best tips is to mix it up as every work-out session and every class has something different to offer.

The best way is to work until you are fatigued and working past that. She also says that eating regularly and eating healthily is also important when you are working out on a daily basis, and trying to get in to shape. Never skipping a meal, and sometimes adding a smart meal is also important.

Talking about her own diet Brooke says that she has something of a Mediterranean-inspired diet, which includes lots of fish, meat and also a lot vegetables – fresh and green. While she admitted that she doesn’t really like raw vegetables, she tries to eat a lot of soups and salads, while keeping varied colors in her plate.

She says that she also drinks a lot green tea and lemon water. Eating according to your wishes is not a problem as long as you are aware of what you are putting on your body, Brooke says.

Brooke says her guilty pleasure is margarita pizza with spicy olive oil. She fantasizes of eating carbs all day.