Five weirdest flowers found across the world

Here today we are showing the five weirdest flowers found across the world.

Let’s get started:

#1 Angloua Uniflora – Also known as Swaddled Babies, because at certain point the flowers look like carrying a baby inside.


#2 Psychotria Elata – Also known as Hooker’s Lips or Kissing Lips Plant, because as the pictures explains, it looks like lips.


#3 Dracula Simia – Also known as Monkey Orchid, because it looks like a monkey face.


#4 Orchis italic – Also known as naked man orchid, because the petals of this orchid looks like a naked man.


#5 Caleana – Also known as duck orchid, because the labellum looks just like a flying duck with its wings raised high.


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