Five Weirdest ever found by Archaeologists

During excavation, we come across several weird things from our past. And today we have brought the five weirdest things ever found by Archaeologists during excavation.

Let’s get started:

#1 During excavation of Roman/Byzantine-era bathhouse structure, archaeologists found bones of hundreds of babies inside the drainage system.

Five Weirdest ever found by Archaeologists1

#2 During excavation at lake bed in Motala, archaeologists found dozens of skulls with large stakes driven through them.

Five Weirdest ever found by Archaeologists2

#3 This well-preserved mummy, named as Grauballe Man, was his throat slashed when found. Archaeologists believe that it might be part of some ‘sacrifice’.

Five Weirdest ever found by Archaeologists3

#4 This Turkish archaeological site is believed as the oldest evidence of organized religion.

Five Weirdest ever found by Archaeologists4

#5 This well-preserved limb was found in the caves of New Zealand’s Mount Owen in the year 1980.


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