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Five things about women that people believe but are not true



There are several ‘sayings’ which people believe about women but today we are disclosing the five most common things which people believe about women when it comes to ‘sex’.

#1 Women cannot buy condoms – I don’t understand why girls cant buy Condoms. I mean, using a condom is much better than having an unprotected sex.

#2 Women don’t like causal sex – Well, nothing to explain here. We already know, everybody on this earth have their own way of living.

#3 Women don’t watch porn – People who say women don’t watch porn, need to think once more. I mean, no one says loudly that “I watch PORN” in public.

#4 Women cant have sex when they are on their period – Here just I want to say “They can” and several women prefer this.

#5 Too much Sex will stretch their private part – When delivering a baby doesn’t ruin one’s vagina then how come having sex will.


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