Five Superstitions and possible Scientific Reasons behind them

There are lots of weird things which are practiced across the world and today we will try to find out scientific reasons behind them.

#1 Women stepping outside during Eclipse can bring bad luck to them and their unborn – During eclipse, UV Rays are at peak. So, to keep women away from UV Rays, women are not allowed to step outside.

#2 At night, ghosts live near peepal tree – Actually, Peepal tree releases carbon dioxide at night and hence people are stopped to go near them.

#3 Cutting Nails at night can bring bad luck – During old days, there were no source of light, and hence to avoid cuts, people were advised to not to cut nails in night.

#4 Sleeping facing North can give horrifying dreams – It’s about relation between earth’s magnetic field and human’s body field, it prevents cardiovascular disease.

#5 Women can’t do certain things during menstruating – To give them rest, they are advised to not to do certain things.


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