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Five reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the world’s best


Everyone in the planet wants to have a very luxurious bathroom (including me too) but do we know what actually luxurious means.

Well, most of us don’t.

Let us know what makes a Japanese bathroom different from others and why it seems as the world’s best bathroom ever.

Let’s get started:

#1 Multipurpose Washbasin – An extended tube comes attacked with the washbasin tap, so that it could be used for other purpose also.


#2 Unique flooring – The flooring inside bathroom isn’t normal (tiled) which makes it capable of draining huge catchments of water.


#3 One touch cleaning – We all get frustrated while cleaning bathroom, but these bathrooms are so easy to clean, just a shower head is enough.


#4 Advanced System – Japanese bathrooms have an advanced computer system which helps in controlling the accurate temperature as well as for making an emergency call.


#5 Advance toilet seats – The toilet seats are having a separate washing attached at the top for cleaning hands and the same dirty water can be used later to flush. Ultimate.