Five Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies, You Should Know About

We all know that Intelligence Agency of a country keeps an sharp eye on everything and hence saves country from several ‘unfortunate incidents’.

And today we are here discussing the world’s most powerful agencies:

#1 CIA – Central Intelligence Agency (USA) – Founded in 1947, CIA is the world’s most powerful agency, whose headquarter is at Fairfax, Virginia.

#2 GRU – Main Intelligence Agency (Russia) – Founded in 1918 and its headquarter located in Moscow.

#3 BND – Bundesnachrichtendienst (Germany) – Founded in 1956 and its Headquarter located in Pullach & Berlin.

#4 MSS – Ministry of State Security (China) – Founded in 1983 and its headquarter is at Beijing.

#5 RAW – Research and Analysis Wings (India) – Founded in 1968 and its headquarter is at New Delhi.


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