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Five Most Disgusting Jobs ever with decent SALARIES


A search suggests that around 80 percent of working population are not happy with their job and most of them term their job as ‘disgusting’.

But wait, here today we have brought the list of five most disgusting jobs, which will make you feel proud on your own job.

#1 Maggot Farming – You may think why on this earth; somebody would do this. But, as we all know that this disgusting larvae has been very useful in agricultural and fishing practices, people choose this business.

#2 Chicken $ex Checker – Determining $ex of poultry animals.

#3 Armpit Sniffer – Deodorant manufacturing companies hire these ‘expert’ who check, whether the deodorants are effective enough or not.

#4 Proctologist – Basically people study very hard to make themselves able in order to deal with ‘patient’s bum’.

#5 Hazmat Diver – Diving into the most disgusting waters ever. Luckily, they have ‘suit’ for this work.