Five Most Bizarre Marriage Rituals followed across the world

Different countries have different marriage rituals but some are so weird that it can be added to the ‘horror’ movies.

Here are the five most bizarre marriage rituals following across the world.

#1 Blackening the bride – Blackening the bride is the very common practice performed in Scotland. Friends and family use sticky materials, food items or colored water for this.

#2 Spitting on bride – In some part of Kenya (especially in tribal area), the tradition of spitting on bride is practiced. They believe that this brings good fortune.

#3 Beating Groom’s feet – In South Korea, people believe that beating groom’s feet makes him stronger for his first night.

#4 Bridesmaid blockade – In some part of China, groom has to wade through the blockade of bridesmaid to collect his bride.

#5 Crying for one month – In some part of China, brides have to cry one hour each day for a month before marriage.


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