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Five famous celebrities who were once ‘homeless’


We all know that celebrities live a luxurious life, but most of us don’t know the story behind this luxurious life.

Well, today we have brought the list of five celebrities who were once ‘homeless’.

Let’s get started:

#1 Daniel Craig – The James Bond fame, used to sleep on a park benches when he was a struggling actor.


#2 Jennifer Lopez – She left her home when she was 18 because her mother wanted her to join college but she wanted to be a dancer. She used to sleep sofa of her dance class.


#3 Jim Carrey – The Mask fame, along with his family used to stay in a VW Camper van.


#4 Steve Harvey – In his struggling days, he lived in a Ford Tempo for several years. He used to wash gas stations, bathrooms and swimming pool showers.


#5 Dr. Phil – He lived in a car with his father for several years.