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Five common things girls do during their ‘breakup session’


People who are going through breakup time have no idea what is wrong or what is good. They just feel doing anything which get their ex back to them.

Well, if you talk about girls, they start doing several weird things which probably is not liked by anyone.

Here are the list:

#1 Spreading Gossips about her ex – They literally start spreading rumors or even some embarrassing private moments in public.

#2 Attachment with ex’s friend – Most girl just to make jealous, go and hang out with their ex’s friend

#3 Battle of social media – Most girls start abusing, or putting silly comments on ex’s posts over social media.

#4 Rude – They do everything but even when ex come apologizing to them, they just start acting rude.

#5 Blame Game – Sometimes when they talk, they start playing blame game with their partner.