Five behaviors of women, that men love the most

A Woman is the most amazing and also the most annoying gift ever a man can have. Well, that’s we are saying because she can be the one who loves you the most and also the one who annoys you the most.

Today we have brought five behaviors of women, which men love the most.

#1 Sleeping on his chest – A man feels very proud and loving when her woman sleeps keeping her head on his chest.

#2 Playing with hairs – A man loves the moment when her woman plays with his hairs. It’s not just playing, it shows she loves and cares for her man.

#3 Praising – A man loves when her woman praises him publicly (before friends or family).

#4 Listening – A man loves when her woman listens to him and even tries to understand what he is saying.

#5 Doing something special – A man loves when he sees her woman doing very hard to make him feel special.


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