Five amazing features of WhatsApp, which you probably didn’t know

Remember when the WhatsApp launched the blue ticks feature, several our friends started opposing it, because they thought now they couldn’t be on WhatsApp without getting noticed.

But there is a few feature with which you can easily shut your blue ticks function.

Well, not only about blue ticks, there are several other features which you wouldn’t know about WhatsApp.

Here today we have brought some of them:

#1 You can now check when your messages are getting read by the recipient. Just long press on message and click the information icon.

#2 You can also control your data usage. Just go to setting and the data usage menu. You will get several options to control your data usage.

#3 You can now bookmark your important message. This feature could be helpful for to fish some message from a lot of messages. Just select the message and press the star icon appears at the top.

#4 You can now use your WhatsApp on computer browser. You can get this feature by scanning the WhatsApp Web QR Code.

#5 You can also change font style to bold, italic or strike-through. To make bold just add * at beginning and ending of text. To make italic just add _ at beginning and ending of text. To make strike-through just add ~ at beginning and ending of text.


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